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Finding good box for you 
Mia is about to have her birthday

It almost come to Mia`s birthday, my 4 months old kitten and this web has popped idea in my head; new litter box! I think Mia need more litter box so she can do her business in two different places withput turn my house into a dump.

Litter box is awesome

I think the idea to have one of litter box found is not bad because the last litter box Mia had has done some incredible help to me. No more poops everywhere, no more rotten smell around the house, no more pee on my stuffs. Even it took me like a full month to teach her to use her litter box, but it all worth.

Shall I try automatic litter box?

Will Mia be happy with my choice? We have manual litter box earlier, will she be happy with an automatic litter box? It sounds more sophisticated but cat ain`t aware with technology, right? Does it mean I need to train her again for using automatic litter box? That would be exhausting, tho. I think I will stick to manual litter box, but this time I want it comes in Green because it is cuter and goes well with my wall paint.
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When I have a pet for the first time

I got to admit that in my entire life this was my first time have a pet. My dad suggested me to have cat rather than dog when I move to my own house. Dad said cat will be good companion while I stay away from home and I agreed to have one cat. Dad has promised me to accompany me to pet shop this weekend to fetch my hairy friend.

And the adventure is begin

As new cat owner-wannabe, I tried my best to know everything about how to take care cat, the food, the nature of a cat, everything. I have come to this website,, which reviewed some extra tools for your cat, like littering box and mat. This is interesting to know that cat might litter at your house as soon as he sets in foot there. But I believe I can teach him to use his box later. Or else I will donate him to my dad. Haha.

Now to choose the type

There are many cat types available, but I really like the Persian one. It has soft fur and lovely eyes and it looks majestic to me. I will choose that really and it must be in white.
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My new cat makes me nut

I got new Persian cat from my sister`s boyfriend. I couldn`t resist to say no when she said her Persian cat were giving birth. I am not cat haters tho, but sometimes new addition to family can be source of nightmare.

And my guess is right

Out of problems that created by the new cat, I hate littering the most. I read here in that I might need litter box to keep the kitten do her business in right place, not scatter in the whole house. You know that horror feeling to find cat litter around your piano? I knew the feeling and it wasn`t pleasant moment at all.
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